Tony Chi walks into a room and at once each person feels as though they have known him all of their lives.

Anyone who is fortunate to know him well will tell of his big personality, matched only by his bigger heart. He enthusiastically shares with those he meets his insatiable passion for life and the love for those things which enrich life…those exquisite, tangible things and more so those often indescribable and intangible things who’s value cannot be measured by coin or counting.

Making memories with people in places made special throughout the world by those moments which are simply unforgettable and make life worth living. These are the sweeping emotions which he walks straight into his work. The creation of the most memorable experiences in hospitality, the world over. His commitment and relentless pursuit for the prefect expression of the pure and authentic emotion of place, of culture, and of society. The emotion of experience through the binding of all the very best things which make us human. The seamless craft of work and life.

His is a story of the infinite inspiration journey. From the small island of Taiwan to the big island of Manhattan, the gateway to the world. This half a world away voyage honed hissensitivity to culture at an early age. He observed the differences of cultures, but also their common similarities and aspirations.

His interest in design was also formed at this time from his passion to draw. Drawing was a means of communication. The interest evolved into the study of geometry and its influence in architecture and design. Ultimately, Tony became a designer as he was intrigued with the opportunity to explore how design can “build a soul” within a space and property, but ultimately how design had the power to inspire emotions and behaviors. This is the core of what he calls ‘invisible design’. Design which stands as an exquisite stage for all the possibilities of life to happen.

The symphony’ he likes to call it…seeing a project not simply as a Designer but a Creative Developer, orchestrating every detail of experience into the business of not just design and space, but of hospitality.

With his leadership and vision, the studio’s collaborations have evolved iconic names such Park Hyatt, Intercontinental, Ritz Carlton. The studio of tonychi has also created the stage for new hospitality names such as Andaz 5th Avenue completed in 2010.