Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University / New York, NY - Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design (with honors)

Graduate School of Architecture, Cornell University / Ithaca, NY - Graduate Study of Architectural and Urban Design

Department of Architecture, Tunghai University / Taichung, Taiwan - Bachelor of Architecture


Archinexus, founded in 2004 by Mr. Tai-Lai Kan, a leading-edge design practice based in Taipei City, is a creative and collaborative design firm with extensive practical experience, especially renowned for strong design across a variety of high-profile projects. Dedicated to innovative problem solving and design excellence, archinexus is a team of highly qualified design professionals daring to dream as well as those who are capable of making dreams come true.


2015 - 第十屆中國國際建築裝飾及設博會 2014-2015年度十大最具影響力設計師 (會所空間類 ) 得獎作品:天晉Ⅱ會所 , 香港

2014 - 台灣室內設計專技協會 2014台灣陳設藝術菁英獎 得獎作品:DOZO, 上海 / 天晉Ⅱ會所 , 香港 / CiELO, club lounge+restaurant, 香港 / 瀧景售樓處 , 佛山

2010 - The 8th Modern Decoration International Media Prize, Annual Commercial Space Award

得獎作品:Level 6ix, BELLAVITA

2009 - The TID Award of Commercial Space

得獎作品:Brown Sugar, 上海新天地店 (Brown Sugar, Xintiandi Shanghai)

2009 - The Most Outstanding Club House for Aria in Elite Homes Real Estate Magazine Award

得獎作品:峻弦會所 , 香港 (Club House for Aria, HK)